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Association of Manufacturers
of Machinery for Gardening

In 2012 Comagarden made the move from a merchandise grouping to an association of Italian manufacturers of machinery for gardening within FederUnacoma for the more specific representation and support of the national industry of machinery and equipment for professional and hobbyist greenskeeping.

Comagarden maintains institutional relations with ministries, organizations and national agencies as well with various European and international organizations through EGMF (European Gardening Machinery Federation), of which Comagarden has been a member since the end of 2006, and especially with the corresponding United States association of producers of power tools for outdoor use, OPEI (Outdoor Power Equipment Institute).

In support of the member companies, Comagarden fields support activities on the following fronts:

Statistics (activities include reporting production data on the domestic market, through Morgan [National Garden Research Monitoring], and European market, through the EGMF program on the import-export trend);

Technical-regulatory (unification of European and international norms, criteria on safety and related testing methodology, development of European Union Directives);

Promotion (organization of national collectives for international trade fairs in the sector, Italian business missions abroad and foreign businesspersons in Italy, market surveys in countries of strategic interest, studies of major market trends and medium-term projections);

The Italian market for gardening machinery came up for development later than those in other countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States and held marginal positions in the 1970s. In the decades following, this market grew steadily to report progressive consolidation of the industries in the sector increasingly characterized by technology, design and quality, factors which ensured their competitiveness internationally and capabilities for facing the challenges of old and new markets.